Introducing the Kane Prisoner’s Fund

Reading works!

Research has shown that education is one of the primary methods to improve prisoner self-esteem, increase post-incarceration employment, and help reduce recidivism, or the return to prison after being released. However, due to a lack of grant funding and governmental support, gaining much-needed access to books and magazines while incarcerated can unfortunately be difficult for many prisoners across the nation.

So, at 2 Million Blossoms, we are encouraging prisoners to find a way to learn with a subscription to our magazine.

Back in 2008, when Kirsten was an editor for American Bee Journal, she published a piece by Kane, a prisoner who became enchanted with bees during his own incarceration. While reading magazines and books behind bars, he developed a fascination with pollinators and the natural world. He spent his time learning how to keep bees, identify pollinators, and harvest honey. Once released, he became a successful beekeeper, a talented writer, and an inspiration.

With a generous donation, we have created the Kane Prisoner’s Fund on his behalf. All money donated to this fund will be used toward providing subscriptions of our magazine to incarcerated individuals that request reading materials. If you have a family member behind bars, who would enjoy learning about pollinators, please be in touch and send us their mailing address.

Learning gives hope, improves wellbeing, and expands horizons. It creates new opportunities in life. With the Kane Prisoner’s Fund, we hope that 2 Million Blossoms can become a new and beloved resource to incarcerated individuals everywhere.

Donate to the fund here.