Kirsten Traynor

Editor and founder of 2 Million Blossoms, Kirsten was an English major, who got addicted to keeping honey bees. She turned this fascination into a scientific career, earning her PhD in biology, where she investigated how honey bee young manipulate their caregivers with pheromones. She then went on to study how pesticides and varroa impact colony health. She’s the former editor of American Bee Journal and Bee World. And while honey bees were the gateway bug that got her addicted, she has expanded her curiosity to all pollinators and the important ecosystem services they provide to plant diversity and agriculture. Learn more about her diverse work at bewitchingbeekeeper.com.

Brigette Brown

Brigette is, first and foremost, a reader. But when she’s not stuck in a book, she’s assisting with various editorial odds and ends as our copyeditor and wordsmith. She helps tweak article content and organize submissions. Based in Philadelphia, she’s a librarian by day and writer by night.

Field reporters

We have a diverse team of field reporters, who send us regular mini stories, photos and videos. We’re always looking to expand our team, so if you’re a field scientist, nature photographer, or insect aficionado interested in sharing your work with pollinator enthusiasts, please be in touch.