Sarah Red-Laird & Oregon DOT ‘Re-Wild’ Programs (011)

Sarah Red-Laird & Oregon DOT ‘Re-Wild’ Programs (011)

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Sarah at workSarah Red-Laird is the founder of The Bee Girl Organization. You might know her from her fabulous and informative posts on social media. Or perhaps you’ve heard of her Kids for Bees program. But this dynamic woman has an endlessly curious mind and is a scientist at heart.

Sarah has been working closely with the Department of Transportation in Oregon to help re-wild 200 acres and monitor the pollinators that show up. We had a chance to talk in-depth about her work with the DOT vernal pool restoration project. She’s been visiting the site for almost half a decade and has witnessed some incredible changes to the landscape.

Competition, fire, restoration, insect surveying—we cover it all. Listen today to learn more.

Vernal Pool


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