The World of Native Bees with Researcher Nicholas Dorian (012)

The World of Native Bees with Researcher Nicholas Dorian (012)

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Tufts University PhD student Nicholas Dorian, who is a frequent contributor to 2 Million Blossoms, is always on the search for bees in urban spaces. His research focuses on cellophane bees, but he’s a well-rounded naturalist and ecologist. He helped found the Tufts Pollinator Initiative, which turned the university campus into a Xerces Bee Campus. You can find his fabulous photos and interesting posts on social media, where he tweets and shares under the name 'bee searcher' (Twitter @bee_searcher, Instagrambeesearcher).

We recently had a chance to chat about the critical need for science education, his work with undergraduate students on how bees forage in urban areas, why birds and pollinators are closely intertwined, and the weird things bees collect like perfume oils and meat.











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