From Our Pages, Botanical Illustrator Erin Hunter (014)

From Our Pages, Botanical Illustrator Erin Hunter (014)

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ErinMeet botanical artist and scientific illustrator Erin E. Hunter, who splits her time between her own fine art paintings that capture the magic of the natural world and technical illustrations for the academic science journal Annual Reviews. She’s been quite successful, snagging a few artist-in-residency stays at our National Parks. One of her most enjoyable subjects to draw are pollinators on their favorite plants and so of course, we chatted at length about how she became dazzled by these flower visitors.

Her friend Erika Beyer first introduced her to the book The Forgotten Pollinators during grad school. She’s been greatly inspired by John Cody, whose paintings force people to stop and admire giant moths.

In this episode, we chat about artists, books, and appreciating the natural world, how art differs from assignment, and what ends up in her sketchbooks. Tune in for a little inspiration.

Links to Erin Hunter’s website, examples of her painting, and artists that inspire her:



Her artist friend from grad school who introduced her to The Forgotten Pollinators:


John Cody, who paints the giant moths: 


Margaret Mee, botanical artist:



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