Kirsten Talks with Commercial Beekeeper, Cindy Moore (015)

Kirsten Talks with Commercial Beekeeper, Cindy Moore (015)

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CindyIn this episode, Kirsten chats with Cindy Moore, owner of Sweet Cindy’s Honey Farm, a commercial beekeeping operation in upstate New York and Florida. She runs bees with her husband on the east coast and they ship out bees to California for almond pollination. She’s sweet, sassy, and makes commercial beekeeping look glamourous. On this episode we chat about how her not-yet-husband lured her away from a farm stand to help work bees, the effort and care she puts into marketing her products, and the inspiration her grandmother is to her work ethic.

Listen today for a perspective on commercial beekeeping from a woman who fell into the profession and now can’t let go.


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