When One Door Closes (017)

When One Door Closes (017)

2 Million Blossoms - The Podcast

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Dear Listeners:

As you may know, I launched my print magazine 2 Million Blossoms with exuberance and crazy enthusiasm. Since I first dreamt up the magazine in 2019, I have produced two years of magazines, four issues in 2020 and another four issues in 2021. All together over 800 pages entirely about pollinators. Many late nights after I stopped working on my “real job”, the one that pays my bills, I spent countless hours to hone, smooth, and delineate the content of 2 Million Blossoms. My goal always to help authors clearly communicate their stories. Judging from reader reactions, the magazine has been hugely successful, often read cover to cover.

Despite my best efforts, multiple forces have worked against me resulting in the difficult decision that the autumn issue is my final quarterly issue.

But don’t despair! When one door closes, another opens. And I am taking some time to reflect and reboot.

2 Million Blossoms won’t disappear. Rather I plan to refocus and restrategize. Unlike newspapers, the content we publish is timeless. Instead of seeking annual subscribers, I will instead focus on creating standalone issues and books on specific themes.

This podcast will definitely continue, as I believe we need more discussions on sustainability and how we can green our planet. In addition to refocusing on the podcast, I will build out my 2 Million Blossoms email newsletter, working to bring you relevant content and my own interpretation of the latest pollinator science every month.

My hope with both the Newsletter and 2 Million Blossoms – The Podcast was and continues to be to build a bridge between science and practice, to distill complicated topics into entertaining stories that don’t dumb down the detail. What I try to bring to both my readers and listeners is an eclectic mix of science, art, and culture. I try to highlight the diverse voices involved in protecting our pollinators and our planet, often reaching out to up and coming scientists, less heard voices, and people with unique backgrounds.

We need diverse perspectives because we all approach fact finding with our own inherent biases. When the only ones asking the questions share a similar background, the blinders of their upbringing cause them to miss out on different interpretations.

I thank you sincerely for joining me in this journey thus far. Here is to a revamped version of 2 Million Blossoms, where we can celebrate the many ways we are helping pollinators survive and thrive.

Don’t be afraid to dig in the dirt!


Learn more about the 2 Million Blossoms and about protecting our pollinators at: https://www.2millionblossoms.com/


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