American Foulbrood & Deformed Wing Virus Research with Elke Genersch (018)

American Foulbrood & Deformed Wing Virus Research with Elke Genersch (018)

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ElkeIn this episode, I speak with Dr. Elke Genersch a microbiologist from the Institute for Bee Research in Hohen Neuendorf outside Berlin, Germany. She switched from cancer research into honey bee diseases about 20 years ago and has made a name for herself investigating how American Foulbrood and Deformed Wing Virus function. We delve into the details of this bacterial disease and how varroa mites have allowed viruses to change, using the current Corona pandemic to help explain parallels.

So, if you geek out on detailed scientific explanations and want to understand a bit more about molecular biology, tune into this detailed episode with one of Europe’s leading honey bee virologists.


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