Wild Bees Across Canada with Jess Vickruck (022)

Wild Bees Across Canada with Jess Vickruck (022)

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Today’s episode features Jess Vickruck, a wild bee scientist working in New Brunswick in Canada. In addition to converting the sunny spots in her garden into bee habitat, she studies competition in wild bee communities. She’s studied carpenter bees in detail, finding that when nest sites become rare, competition drives females to share nests. But there’s a unique catch. They preferentially select unrelated females.

She also investigates the important role that grasslands play in maintaining the function of wild bee diversity across Canada. We chat about her career in pollinator science and how her work with conservation groups has allowed access to unique long-term data about changes in habitat.

Tune in to learn more about the importance of nesting sites and how bees help shape our landscapes.

Jess Vickruck on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessvickruck


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