The Mind of the Bee – Lars Chittka (023)

The Mind of the Bee – Lars Chittka (023)

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a bee? How they perceive the world and learn to understand the landscape? On today’s episode, Kirsten talks with noted neurobiologist and bee scientist Lars Chittka from the University of London, whose new book The Mind of a Bee is a fascinating exploration of how bees think. They delve into how the barren landscape outside Berlin let him manipulate the landscape and see that bees could count. Bees are fast learners and can gleam details about how to survive from watching other bees.

Also in today’s show, Kirsten and Lars delve into the darker side of science and the toll it can take on human lives when career expectations and reality collide. Preorder your copy of the book today, set to release late in July, 2022.


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