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Wild Survivors - African Elephants and Honey Bees (019)

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Wild Survivors - African Elephants and Honey Bees (019)

Fran Mahoney is crazy about elephants. And to help protect elephants, she’s enlisted the help of over 144 honey bee colonies. In Tanzania, elephants face massive poaching threats. Subsistence farmers often turn in elephants to poachers,...
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American Foulbrood & Deformed Wing Virus Research with Elke Genersch (018)

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Elke Genersch a microbiologist from the Institute for Bee Research in Hohen Neuendorf outside Berlin, Germany. She switched from cancer research into honey bee diseases about 20 years ago and has made a...
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When One Door Closes (017)

Dear Listeners: As you may know, I launched my print magazine 2 Million Blossoms with exuberance and crazy enthusiasm. Since I first dreamt up the magazine in 2019, I have produced two years of magazines, four issues in 2020 and another...
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