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From Our Pages, Botanical Illustrator Erin Hunter (014)

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From Our Pages, Botanical Illustrator Erin Hunter (014)

Meet botanical artist and scientific illustrator Erin E. Hunter, who splits her time between her own fine art paintings that capture the magic of the natural world and technical illustrations for the academic science journal Annual...
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Thoughts: What Can We Do (013)

Thank you so much for downloading this episode – our 13th. While some people are superstitious about such numbers, we’re here to celebrate this “luckiest” of episodes. It’s hard to know when you start a new journey, where it will...
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The World of Native Bees with Researcher Nicholas Dorian (012)

Tufts University PhD student Nicholas Dorian, who is a frequent contributor to 2 Million Blossoms, is always on the search for bees in urban spaces. His research focuses on cellophane bees, but he’s a well-rounded naturalist and...
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