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The Mind of the Bee - Lars Chittka (023)

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The Mind of the Bee - Lars Chittka (023)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a bee? How they perceive the world and learn to understand the landscape? On today’s episode, Kirsten talks with noted neurobiologist and bee scientist Lars Chittka from the University...
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Wild Bees Across Canada with Jess Vickruck (022)

Today’s episode features Jess Vickruck, a wild bee scientist working in New Brunswick in Canada. In addition to converting the sunny spots in her garden into bee habitat, she studies competition in wild bee communities. She’s studied...
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Updates, News and What Makes and Good Scientist (021)

In this episode, podcast host Kirsten Traynor reflects on what are the characteristics of a great scientist and the mentors, who have helped her succeed in her own career. She discusses some of her early failures, how she questions her own...
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